Author: Farid Ishak


Farid Ishak If you’re feeling down, tell this joke to a person (preferably an analyst) to make yourself laugh. Tell the person there is a logic behind it. Question: Do you know why the rabbit,…? (the reaction should make...

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Farid Ishak Zombie oh zombie where art thou oh Zombie Thou hatst my heart, thou holdst it high Thou givest me a push, thou jumpst my tigh Zombie oh zombie where art thou oh Zombie Oh I see,… aaaahhh,…thou art...

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Apple Controversy

Farid Ishak   A controversy has started about the Iphone camera. Some people are of the opinion, that the camera makes you look a little fatter, other say those people see what they want to see. However scientist have found...

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Farid Ishak A man is called a gentleman when he holds the door open for a woman, but what do we call a woman when she holds the door open for a man? Yes you are right, she is called a gentlewoman. These days a woman can be...

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