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If you’re feeling down, tell this joke to a person (preferably an analyst) to make yourself laugh. Tell the person there is a logic behind it.

Question: Do you know why the rabbit,…? (the reaction should make you chuckle a bit)
Answer: Because behind a tree. (the reaction should make you laugh a bit)

Warning: some analysts (or know it alls) may become agitated! Which is pretty funny and thus achieves its goal.

Ridiculous truths:
The Zombie leader spoke; Gurgle gurgle gurgle,
The Zombie crowd yelled; Gaaaaaaaaa
The people screamed; Aaaaaahh
The sheep bleated; Baaahhhh
Trump said; He’ll run the country

Today, yesterday was tomorrow and today, tomorrow is yesterday.
because when yesterday was today then tomorrow meant today.
And when tomorrow becomes today then yesterday would mean today.

Answer the Question;

Which word is spelled right?

A. Asnwer
B. Answer
C. I do not know the answer

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