How Much Is Your Opinion Worth?

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We know that in some places of the world, having an opinion or freedom of speech is a right.
These rights are given by a government chosen by the people.
It is a government filled with politicians (by definition these ones should not have dictatorial tendencies, right?).
In democracies, people choose who these politicians are. These politicians speak on the peoples behalf.

In these times however, when some politicians speak they create confusion
as to what the difference is between freedom of speech and fomenting
or the difference between an opinion and insult.

When things are happening in the world that make us worry, our fears take us to the edge.
These are the times that some “politicians” take opportunity.

There are those who say; give in to those fears and follow me I have the solution.
• They make sense as long they voice your fear.
• They make sense as long as you have “the” fear.
• But as long as there is fear (any kind of fear) anyone can be manipulated into believing anything, don’t you agree?
• History has proven that only dictators tell you to fear others and in times of (presumed) crisis, that is the only way they can come to power. Their solution has always been conflict orientated.

There are those who say; stay strong stay calm and use your brain
• They are the ones who will probably find the right solutions together with you.
• It is sometimes easy to forget that you live in a place that is deemed to be a democracy,
that means that you are expected to think and express your opinion.

But I know it is hard to think straight when you’re worrying.

Having the full picture can decrease your worries and make it easier to express and support your opinion.
If you do not have the full picture, your opinion will have flaws.
And in politics, sometimes, after opinion follows measure.
And flawed opinions are followed by flawed measures that could result in unwanted effects (e.g. BREXIT).

There are those who want to give you information,
There are those who want to make you see their way.
There is you who seeks the truth… are you? Or do you just want your fear to be voiced?

How much is your opinion worth in a democracy?
I guess, these days, it depends on how much of it is led by fear.

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