A man is called a gentleman when he holds the door open for a woman, but what do we call a woman when she holds the door open for a man? Yes you are right, she is called a gentlewoman. These days a woman can be chivalrous to.
Regina Flangeloni did just that for the man she had loved for over 7 years. They were talking about who would take care of the kids in the weekends after the divorce. When he said, it would be mostly his parents, she opened the door for him and told him to get out. When he said he did not want to and she was just being crazy, she told him; you run tracks at nights, this shouldn’t be that hard for you, just wiggle your legs as fast as possible. But she gave in when he said; you can’t make me do this. She said; ok, I’ll stop the car, you get out, but you are not to close the door until then.

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